90 Ball Paypal Bingo

90 Ball bingo is extremely popular amongst European bingo players. Unlike 75 ball bingo, players use tickets instead of cards. The tickets are 3 rows wide and 9 columns long, with 4 being left blank. Each player buys 1 "sheet" of 6 tickets which totals the 90 numbered balls that could be picked.

Each player aims to be the first to either; cover a line, cover 2 lines or cover a complete grid. The first player to do this wins a prize if you are able to cover a full house within a certain limit of picks you may win a jackpot prize.

Where To Play 90 Ball Bingo

William Hill Bingo - A new 90 ball bingo games starts every couple of minutes at William Hill. Choose from the main room the community room or even the speed bingo room.

Party Bingo
- UK Players Only - Both the Diamond Club and the Lilac Lounge offer 90 ball bingo games at a number of intervals.

Paddy Power Bingo - A huge amount of bingo games starting all day long. As well as 90 ball bingo games you can also play a nice selection of side games.